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LOW COST,  High Quality Molds!

Molds.com has been a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of custom small and large injection molds. We service a variety of industries including automotive, electronics, medical and military. When the plastic injection molds are required at your facility to run in your machines, we will build the injection molds to fit the specifications of your machine.The combination of our wide array of specialized manufacturing equipment and our spacious facility gives us the best tools to take on whatever need you have. Our mission has always been to help customers produce as many quality products as possible for their needs in any shape or size. Versatility is important to us. We want to provide exceptional work when you choose us so that you’ll consider Molds.com for all your future needs.

commodity mold household mold
Commodity Molds
crate mold
Crate Molds
food container mold
Food Container Molds
bucket mold pail mold
Bucket Molds
cutlery mold spork mold
Cutlery Molds
flowerpot molds
Flowerpot Molds
auto parts molds
Automotive Molds
cap molds
Cap Molds
chair molds
Chair Molds
stool molds
Stool Molds
double color mold
Double Color Molds
pipe fitting molds
Pipe Fitting Molds

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